About Tink's

Tink's is a family owned & run business, operating a growing number of stores. Currently covering Newcastle Metro, The Hunter Valley and The Nambucca Valley regions of New South Wales, Australia.


We started in the Nambucca Valley in 1982 as "Macksville Machinery & Irrigation", began trading as "Tink's" in the early 90's and were purchased by the current owners (the Benson family) in 2002.

In late 2017 we expanded into Newcastle and Rutherford, purchasing existing garden power equipment dealerships in those locations. This transition did not happen without a few bumps along the way - What Happened to Stihl? - but it was for the best in the long run.

Our Passion

Our passion is for high quality, repairable & serviceable equipment - we are firmly against the "throw away" culture that has developed over the last 10 years.
While living true to this statement, we aim to be able to look after you for all yard & garden needs:
  • Outdoor Power Equipment (chainsaws, mowers, brushcutters etc.)
  • Pumps, Filtration & Irrigation
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Supplies

We partner with high end, high quality brands who not only provide quality products, but back it up with Australian based warehouses of spare parts & technical expertise.

We are service, repair & warranty agents for every piece of equipment we sell - so you know where to go for service, repairs, spare parts and advice.

All of our technicians & sales staff are factory trained by the manufacturers of the equipment we sell, and industry qualified where available.

Our Mission

There is a saying that “The poor man pays twice.” We think these days that the poor man is paying more like three or four times. Money saved by opting to buy a cheap alternative product is quickly lost if what you buy needs replacing every 2 years, instead of every 10 years. We believe that the “Toal Cost of Ownership” method (initial cost, plus service & repairs over the equipments lifetime) will prove time and time again that buying quality in the first place is an absolute no brainer. And with so many great finance options available, there is really no excuse to purchasing poor quality tools & equipment.

Our Mission is to bring high quality, long life, serviceable and repairable equipment to our customers at the best price we can.