Automatic Cleaners
When it comes to pool equipment, we recommend Zodiac over any other brand. Zodiac pioneered the suction based pool cleaner with their Barracuda. They have a pool cleaner to suit any kind of pool, including fully automatic robotic cleaners which are highly energy efficient, perfect for pairing with variable speed pumps.

Some Zodiac products are only available in store - please call us for pricing and availability.


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Zodiac CX20 CYLONX Robotic Pool CLeaner
Product Code: CX20

The Zodiac CX20 uses the power of exclusive cyclonic suction technology for optimum clean of your pool's floor and walls with the added benefit of the Push 'n' Go system.  SUITABLE POOLS For in-ground pools, all surfaces and..

Zodiac T3 Suction Pool Cleaner
Product Code: T3

The Zodiac T3 is a simple yet highly effective pool cleaner. Its light weight and simple construction (only one moving part) make it a breeze to handle and operate. ​Suitable for inground & above ground pools with tile, concrete..

Zodiac MX6 Suction Pool Cleaner
Product Code: MX6

Zodiac MX6 is compact in size, yet demonstrates a powerful clean. The MX6 is a highly efficient suction cleaner that displays great manoeuvrability and provides thorough pool coverage. The Zodiac MX6 features: Cyclonic Vacuum Techno..